Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stick a Fork In It

Today, July 8th, is the official release day for Stick a Fork In It, the second book in my clean, humorous Poppy Markham: Culinary Cop mystery series

From the back cover copy:
As a health inspector and former chef, Poppy Markham thought she'd seen it all--until she steps into Capital Punishment. The restaurant's twisted concept--last meals of death row inmates--could be a hit only in outlandish Austin, Texas. But the macabre theme becomes all too real when co-owner Troy Sharpe is found dangling from a hangman's noose in the cinder block dining room. Discovering that Troy was a hard-drinking jerk leads Poppy to the rub: if Troy had more enemies than a jail has bars, which one sent him to the land of rigor-mortised restaurateurs?
Also, for the month of July, the first book in the series, If You Can't Stand the Heat, is available for free on Kindle.

Happy reading, y'all!


  1. I've really enjoyed both Poppy Markham books. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Thanks, Ashley. The third book, OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, will be out next summer.

  3. Great! I really appreciate how clean the books are. It's hard to find a good mystery that keeps it above the line.

    Since you support the iChooseYou Ministries (which looks like a fantastic ministry) you might also be interested in Ordinary Hero (www.ordinary I just learned about them this year and really appreciate what they do.

  4. I just started reading this yesterday. I think it is funny and a fast read. I haven't read the second one yet because the library didn't have it. When I read a new series I usually like to start in order. Can't wait to see what happens in the end.

  5. Thanks, Candace! I like to start a series in order, too. Actually, Stick a Fork In It is the second one. If You Can't Stand the Heat is the first.

  6. I am reading If You Can't Stand The Heat right now. Ursula is a piece of work. Great job on her character! Is there a 3rd book in the works? Also do you have a facebook acct?

  7. So glad you're enjoying the book! Yes, I had fun writing Ursula--and Nina and Evariste. All the baddies. :-) The third book, Out of the Frying Pan, will be out next year, but I don't have a date from my publisher. Probably late spring or early summer.

    No Facebook account, but I'm on Goodreads: