Friday, January 27, 2012

Loath and Sybarite

After the last couple of days' words-of-the-day, loath and sybarite feel like an argosy of words to apply to my characters.
  • Even when confronted with a $10,000 charge for several pairs of Christian Laboutin shoes, Nina was loath to admit her sybaritic affection for the trademark red-soled pumps.
  • Not a sybarite herself, Poppy is loath to take a vacation longer than a single day.
  • According to Jamie Sherwood, the new restaurant in the tony northside Paladin shopping complex, The Emperor's New Rolls, is an "homage to sybaritic sushi that anyone who enjoys craft as much as carp should be loath to miss."
Can you make a sentence with these two words? Leave it in the comments. 

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